Don’t take our word for it…Check out what our Alumni have to say:

Graduation Speech-LuAnder

“I learned that having a disability is a vital part of my life, but I can’t let it control who I am.Leadership and self-advocacy are two of many things that must be used to take charge of my own life so I can be independent. I’ve learned to be proud of my disability and I’ve learned when I go home and back to school, I can finally fully explain to people what having a disability really means: ‘I have a disability. I have a challenge in my life; an obstacle that will never go away, but I must embrace it and tell everyone that I’m not ‘hearing impaired,’ rather that I have a disability, but it doesn’t have me.’”      -A. P., 2014 Alumni 

“I learned not to be embarrassed of my disability.”     –M.D., 2015 Alumni

“This made me feel like a different person that I never felt like before. I actually chose to be here, to have a great time with the friends I made here. I want to thank the staff for telling me that I’m a great kid. All the people here have big hearts and the kids here made me happy. The greatest lesson I learned is that we all have disabilities.”      -D. W., 2014 Alumni


“I learned that people with disabilities can do anything anyone else can do. Also that having a disability isn’t a bad thing and you shouldn’t let it own you.”               –S.W., 2015 Alumn

“The only way to get what you want is to advocate for yourself, take initiative! Just because we have a disability doesn’t mean that we are weak and can’t be independent. We just have to work a bit harder and in the end it makes us stronger. The best way to change how others think about us is to lead by example. We can be great people unhindered by our disabilities.”              -M.S., 2014 Alumni


“I’ve learned that people can do amazing things if they set their mind to it and with someone to help start their journey. Just because you have a disability doesn’t mean there’s anything holding you back.”           -K.M., AZYLF 2015 Alumni 

Graduation Speech-Adrian

“No matter how big or small the obstacles are or how many obstacles you face, never give up and up you will be ultimately, and genuinely happy.”            -B. R., 2014 Alumni

“I learned how to stand up for myself. How to do public speaking. How to advocate. How to be more social. How to dance!!”           -S. L., 2015 Alumni 

“The greatest lesson I learned is that I am not my disability!!! I am awesome and I am not alone!”           -A. C., 2014 Alumni