About AZYLF 2019

In 2019 Arizona Youth Leadership Forum (AZYLF) will be held in five regions of Arizona. 

AZYLF is absolutely free for the youth, who are selected, and referred to as Delegates. Actual costs are calculated at $1,500 per Delegate, which does not include in-kind goods and services donated by volunteers and supporters.

Up to 25 youth from across Arizona will be selected to participate in each  regional location, through a competitive application process. The AZYLF conference successfully integrates youth who represent the diversity of disability and culture in Arizona. Following the regional conferences, Graduates from each region will be selected to participate in a 10-day Statewide conference in Phoenix, where they will complete Arizona Youth Engagement Academy, and other training to help them gain the skills and confidence they need to provide mentoring, training, and support for other youth who have disabilities, whne they return to their home communities. 

While attending AZYLF, Delegates complete a personal discovery curriculum designed to raise self-awareness and lead to goal setting in the areas of personal development, disability awareness, leadership, and career planning.

Delegates are assigned to Teams for completion of self-discovery activities with consistent Staff throughout, who assist and ensure that support, encouragement, and accommodations are provided during development of each Personal Leadership Plan. This plan includes specific action items identified by the Delegate as important for them to address upon return to their communities. Additionally, Delegates are assigned a Mentor for on-going support for one year following graduation from AZYLF. 100% of AZYLF staff are people who have disabilities, and approximately 75% of those are AZYLF graduates, who come back, to give back! 

Presentations by community leaders, advocates, legislators, and numerous other professional role models who have disabilities, are in integral component of AZYLF. Each presentation highlights an area of impact for youth as they transition to adulthood. AZYLF also provides community activities, engagement in service, and a Graduation Ceremony and dance. 

Peer relationships, improved self-confidence, positive perspective of disability, personal direction, and future aspirations are all outcomes for Delegates who approach the process with an open mind and heart. AZYLF provides a dynamic, comfortable, and confidential environment for youth to learn, grow, and teach others. 

I know, right?!

AZYLF is WickedSuperFlyZillaCool!!!