AZYLF goes Virtual for 2020!

Ever true to our mission, Diverse Ability Incorporated is taking a proactive stance to ensuring that Arizona youth who have disabilities, who are experiencing transition to adulthood, have the opportunity to benefit from the information, resources, and supports, of the innovative, life-changing conference, we call Arizona Youth Leadership Forum (AZYLF), this summer.

In that spirit, we are proud to introduce, for one year only:

Arizona Virtual Youth Leadership Forum (AVYLF)!

AVYLF is a virtual space created for youth participants, known as Delegates, from across the great state of Arizona, to converge and connect online for the same curriculum, engaging activities, guest presentations, and group dynamics traditionally shared in person, at Arizona Youth Leadership Forum (AZYLF). For 2020 only, the magic of AZYLF is yours to enjoy, from the comfort of your own home! Individualized accommodations will be celebrated and honored, and a variety of avenues for self-expression and interaction will be embedded throughout the AVYLF experience.

Youth who are in high school, and up through age 29, who represent the full spectrum of disability and diversity are eligible to participate in AVYLF, where they will complete a personal discovery curriculum designed to raise self-awareness and lead to development of a Person-Centered Plan, with goals, steps, and accountability measures. Delegates receive personalized mentorship in regard to their Plan, for one year following graduation from AVYLF.

Presentations by community leaders, advocates, and numerous other professional role models who have disabilities, are in integral component of AVYLF. Each presentation highlights an area of impact for youth as they transition to adulthood.

AVYLF is free of charge, and is a peer-based, peer-driven, and peer-led experience. 100% of AVYLF staff are people who have disabilities, and approximately 95% of those are youth graduates, who come back, to give back!

Peer relationships, improved self-confidence, positive perspective of disability, personal direction, and future aspirations are all outcomes for Delegates who approach the process with an open mind and heart. AVYLF provides a dynamic, comfortable, and confidential environment for youth to learn, grow, and teach others.

  Applications are open, and can be accessed at: 


AZYLF invests in our most precious resource, the youth who are transforming our tomorrows.

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